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Sheen on rumored return for 'Men' finale
"We're just a meeting away from making it happen."
Urban 'carried' Kidman after father died
So heartbreakingly sweet.
All about Kim K's waist-training obsession
She's into her 'waist trainer,' or what you might call a corset.
'The Good Wife' just keeps getting better
Now in its sixth season, its storytelling is as compelling as ever.
Lea Michele, new boyfriend go public
Joel McHale to serve 'Soup' through 2016
E! extends his contract.
Who's the 'Avengers' trailer mystery girl?
Her identity is (kind of) revealed.
'Portlandia' plans a goth funeral
How very Halloween-y of them.
Melissa Fumero takes you inside the 'Nine-Nine'
Actress Melissa Fumero, who plays Detective Amy Santiago on Fox's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', talks about the show's table reads and her character. (Oct. 30)
Holiday movies give gift of Oscar contenders
USA TODAY's Brian Truitt talks to awards pundits about films that show awards-potential.
Five more Oscar-ready films for the holidays
Mark your calendars for movies with Oscar potential and are similar to past winners.
Jerry Seinfeld's ready for more cars, coffee
Driving, sipping joe, and kibbitzing with comics
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