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Brad Pitt hires family law attorney who represented Sheen, Jackson
Pitt has retained Lance Spiegel to represent him in his divorce from Angelina Jolie.
Monty Python's Terry Jones diagnosed with dementia
Terry Jones, one of the founding members of comedy troupe Monty Python, has been diagnosed with dementia.
Source: Claims that Pitt abused kids are 'exaggerated or fabricated'
The actor is cooperating with child protective services.
Royal Cambridges bring George and Charlotte on visit to Canada
Kim Kardashian will vote for Clinton after all, not Trump
The reality star sets the record straight: "I'm with her."
'Do the Right Thing' actor Bill Nunn dies
Director Spike Lee leads the tributes to the actor who died at age 63 on Saturday.
Galifianakis talks getting tackled in Clinton's 'Between Two Ferns' interview
The actor took a hit in the "Between Two Ferns" video with Hillary Clinton
Margot Robbie to host 'Saturday Night Live' season premiere
The Weeknd will be the musical guest for the Season 42 opener on Oct. 1.
Hello, royals! Canada greets the Cambridges
A zillion cameras fix on Will, Kate, George and especially Princess Charlotte.
Child abuse claims help poison Brangelina divorce
What happens in a California divorce/custody case if one spouse is accused of child abuse?
Wonder what your Patronus is? Now you can find out on Pottermore
Are you a stag? An otter? A rabbit? Maybe a doe? Now you can find out for sure.
New African-American museum opens in D.C.
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