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Review: In 2017, the new 'Gong Show' feels like it's trolling
ABC's game-show reboot stays true to original, but it lands very differently in 2017.
Johnny Depp jokes about assassinating Donald Trump at Glastonbury
"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" he asked the crowd.
Murray Energy sues John Oliver, HBO over coal-industry story
Murray Energy: Oliver and HBO knowingly broadcast false and defamatory comments Sunday.
RuPaul, Lin-Manuel Miranda to get stars on Walk of Fame
Jennifer Lawrence is joining the starry ranks in 2018, too.
Prince Harry recalls torture of walking in Princess Diana's procession
"I dont think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances," he said.
Bill Cosby plans to lecture teens about avoiding sexual-assault accusations
Publicist says comedian wants to to warn them of dangers of "hanging out and partying."
Review: Spikes new version of Stephen Kings The Mist is a foggy mess
The new show adds nothing to a story that was already adapted into a 2007 film.
Kumail Nanjiani: 'I feel more Pakistani than I have in the last 10 years'
He says a racially charged scene in his new movie resonates differently post-election.
Man convicted of deadly stabbing after SpongeBob dispute
The victim was enraged after being told he looked like SpongeBob.
Ron Howard takes over as director of young Han Solo 'Star Wars' movie
The director heads back into space with the galaxy far, far away's most iconic smuggler.
Spoilers: Why Lightning McQueen got a new paint job in 'Cars 3'
The racer changes up his red exterior in the latest movie. There's a reason for that.
Empowered 'GLOW' stars are ready to rumble in Netflix's 1980s wrestling comedy
New Netflix show follows a group of 14 misfit women becoming pro wrestlers.
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