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Now what for the Duggars?
With Duggar family damaged by Josh's molestation charges, will TLC keep their show on air?
American Idol Nick Fradiani talks about his future
USA TODAY's Maeve McDermott talks with new American Idol winner Nick Fradiani about what comes next.
Which new movies are worth your money?
Watch the trailers and read the USA TODAY reviews of movies released this weekend.
Olsen twins: No-shows for 'Fuller House' reboot
Mary-Kate and Ashley will not be in new comedy, says producer.
7 songs you might've missed this week
Hear the latest from Florence + the Machine, A$AP Rocky and Destroyer.
Explore the Duggar family tree
Who's who in the '19 Kids & Counting' clan?
Loeb vs Vergara embryo suit gets court ruling
Nick Loeb won first round in fight to gain custody of his and Sofia Vergara's embryos.
Watch: 'Boy Meets World' a capella medley
Aca-believe it.
'Satan's shoes': Must stars wear heels?
Here's the tall tale of stiletto appeal.
Brody Jenner finally speaks about Bruce
He loves his dad. His sisters are another story...
The Duggar Family
Duggars 101: What you need to know
Here's what you need to know about the reality show family.
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